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Baseball is full of lazy, ego driven pitching coaches
And a coach like you is tired of it and ready to break free from the status quo of this current state in coaching and ACTUALLY make a positive difference in your players lives...but maybe it has been frustrating and inconsistent up to this point.
maybe it's even worse than that

As a Pitching Coach, your #1 job is to do everything you can to make sure that each one of your pitchers are prepared on a daily basis so that they can give their best abilities on game day. 

Far too often, I see Pitching Coaches just shooting from the hip or "winging it" on a day to day basis with no REAL plan for their pitching staff, let alone each individual pitcher. 

There is no other place on the field that this is more obvious than during bullpen sessions. 

Too many Pitching Coaches believe that having a pitcher throw in the bullpen is sufficient and satisfies the needs of that player....and they couldn't be more wrong.

Maybe you didn't know that....but my guess that you have felt in your gut for some time now that you know that you should be doing more but you don't know what to do.


Depending on what level you're coaching at, you either have all of your players pitch also or you might have some guys that only pitch. 

Chances are though, you have a lot of dual players that pitch and play a position.

With limited practice times and your responsibilities as a coach, it might seem impossible to deliver the specific planning that a pitcher needs on a daily basis to get better.

For many coaches, it's easier to just continue to pitch the same 2-3 kids that are performing the best, than to develop all of them and make everyone better.

The bullpen is a critical component to the regular routines and training that a pitcher needs to go through to develop their abilities, get feel for their pitches, grow their confidence and prepare for their upcoming games.

Neglecting your players this opportunity in practice is severely restricting them from becoming the player that you and they want to become...simply because you run out of time.


The reason I feel like I can tell you all this is because I was once EXACTLY in your shoes, going through the same things.

I've spoken with hundreds of coaches around the country that have all conveyed the same concerns and limiting restrictions and beliefs that there is never enough time.....never enough coaches....never enough resources....and more!

I knew in my heart that there had to be a better way to provide for my players.

I remember what it felt like in college to feel abandoned by my coaches and rejected and depressed....feeling lost and like a failure.

I never wanted to have another player go through that same experience, yet all of the examples that I was being introduced to early on by fellow coaches, painted a bleak outlook that things could be any different.
Then I remember a saying from Tony Robbins that said..."If you want a better answer, you have to ask better questions".

So I started asking better questions from highly respected and accomplished coaches and I started to see a common thread amongst them.
I discovered that all the top coaches in the game have a similar system in place that guides them through their coaches decisions
When I discovered this secret, I began writing down all the things that I saw that they had in common and began organizing these thoughts into what I call "Playbooks".

From there, I began testing it out to figure out what worked and what needed to be adjusted.
But it wasn't as easy to do as I would have liked.

You see, I was still an Assistant Coach, and as the Pitching Coach, usually the low man on the totem pole.

But I was working for many Head Coaches that were very set in their ways and relied on what they believed worked for them.

When it came to operating the pitching staff, it took a long time for me to be able to gain enough trust and confidence in them to let me have the pitching staff completely.

In games, I eventually was able to do everything that needed to be done, EXCEPT make pitching personnel changes.

It was very frustrating because I knew that we could do more than what we were doing.

It almost felt like a restriction had been placed on me and the pitching staff and the excuse was that "you can't plan for you have to be able to just make decisions as they come."

I must have heard that reasoning a million times.

Finally, I was able to become the Head Coach myself when I left the college ranks and went into the High School level.

Once I was finally free to do as I pleased and fully implement the systems that I had been working on for years, practicing, adjusting, honing and perfecting....then I was able to develop one of the most dominating pitching staffs in the country.
 Andy Powers
Andy is the founder and owner of The Texas Pitching Institute, an internationally recognized authority on pitching development and arm care. He is also the owner of D-BAT of West El Paso. D-BAT is the #1 Baseball & Softball Training Facility Franchise in the world.

Andy is a former Division I and Junior College Pitching Coach, as well as a High School Head Coach who led his program to being ranked #24 nationally and #3 in the State of Texas. 

He has been a featured speaker in several Coaches Conventions around the country, has sold 1000's of his books and is the founder of the ground-breaking training program, The Apex Pitching Program.
I Want You To Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could...
Have Everyday completely planned out, bullpens are highly productive and your pitchers are getting better
I've always believed that "audibles" come up in a game or a practice, but it is FAR EASIER to adjust off of a plan that is in place, then to just "wing it".

Having that kind of command and control over what you are doing provides more freedom for you and your pitchers and allows them to take ownership of their careers and what they are doing.

Most feel it would be the opposite until they implement playbooks into their coaching strategies and have the EPIPHANY or "AH-HA" moment that they have been wrong and making things more difficult for themselves without playbooks in place.
the playbook that delivers this solution is called Bullpen Secrets
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Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover

Inside of Bullpen Secrets I will be sharing with you 19 secrets to help you transform your bullpens into an extraordinary experience.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your copy of this new book:

Section #1: Staff Rotation Management

  • Secret #1: Discover How You Can Organize And Plan An Entire Week Of Practice, As Well As What Each Of Your Pitchers Need To Do On A Daily Basis That Is CUSTOMIZED To Them....In As Little As Just 5 Minutes!
  • Secret #2: Understand How Each Day In A Pitcher's Routine Has A Different Purpose And Intent Behind It. You Must Know What They Are If You Want Your Pitchers To PERFORM At Their Highest Levels Possible!
  • Secret #3: Free Up Your Time And Turn Over The RESPONSIBILITY To The Players To Carry Out Their Specific Day. You May Not Think They Will...But Believe Me...They Want To!

Section #2: Purpose Of Bullpens

  • Secret #4: The FRAMEWORK For Teaching Your Frameworks… (The Process For Delivering Your Knowledge And Skills In A Way That Helps Your Pitchers Learn, And Guides Them STRAIGHT To The Result They Want!)
  • Secret #5: Discover Why Having Bullpens Actually Makes Your CATCHERS Better.
  • Secret #6: How To Create A Powerful “A Ha” Moment For Your Pitchers That Gives Them Clarity On How To Solve Their Problem... So That They’ve Already Taught Themselves On Their Solution In The Game!  

Section #3: Bullpen Tips

  • Secret #7: How To Find Your TERMINOLOGY, And Move Away From Too Many Vague References... And Toward Creating Consistency And Continuity, And Finally Leading A Movement That Changes The Lives Of Your Pitchers!
  • Secret #8: The One Pitch That Turns A Throwing Session Into A Pivotal Light-Bulb Moment For Your Pitchers That Leaves Them Confident In All Their Other Pitches Much More!  
  • Secret #9: The FRAMEWORK For Teaching The Slide Step So That It Is A Viable Tool In Their Arsenal… (The Process For Delivering Your Knowledge And Skills In A Way That Helps Your Pitchers Learn, And Guides Them STRAIGHT To The Result They Want!)

Section #4: Types Of Bullpens

  • Secret #10: How To Knock Down Your Pitchers's MAIN False Belief That Is Keeping Them From Reaching Their Potential... (Once This Happens, All Of Their Other False Beliefs Will Come Crashing Down!)
  • Secret #11: How To Weave ALL Of These Bullpens Inside This Book Into Different LEVELS In Your Practice (And Even Outside Your Practices), So You Can Guide Your Pitchers Straight Toward The Result They Really Want!  
  • Secret #12: My FAVORITE Bullpen That You Can Plug Into Your Daily Routine To Help Accelerate Pitchers Abilities (I Combine This Bullpen With Almost Any Other Bullpen In This Book If I Wanted To!)

Section #5: Bullpen Games

  • Secret #13: The Exact Chart To Use To Easily Transition You From The “Opinion” Part Of Your Bullpens, To Making A "Fact Based” Bullpen And Forcing Your Pitchers To Come To Reality Of Their Performances
  • Secret #14: My FAVORITE Mini-Game That You Can Layer And Plug Into Your Bullpen To Help Place Game-like Pressure On Them And Put Them In A Position To Execute A Pitch When It Is Necessary!
  • Secret #15: This Bullpen Set Chops Your Bullpen Down To Just 2 Short Groups... Without Cutting The Value Of Your Bullpen! 

Section #6: Multi-Pitcher Bullpens

  • Secret #16: Use This 4-Part Bullpen Framework To Squash The Amount Of Time You Spend In The Bullpen With Your Pitchers’. Inspire Them To Take ACTION And Change Their Lives!
  • Secret #17: How To Re-Package The SAME Content You’ve Been Coaching In A Different Way, That Adds NEW Value For Your Pitcher That They’re Willing To Compete And Challenge Each Other With!

Section #7: Bullpens vs. Game Days

  • Secret #18: The Two-Part “Journey” Framework That SIMPLIFIES Bullpen Structuring, And The Key To Making Sure Your Game Day Has MAXIMUM Impact!
  • Secret #19: This Script Chops Your Pre-Game Meeting Down To Just 5 Minutes... without Distracting Your Pitcher Or Filling His Head With Too Much! 

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 The Closing Arguments 
The Bullpens Secrets Playbook will give you the blueprint to everything you need to effectively and efficiently execute bullpens that will serve the needs of each individual player, while not taking up a lot of time and will transform each of your pitchers into the pitcher that they desire to become.

Because of this playbook, you will find yourself with more freedom, better and more consistent performances and a real appreciation and respect from your players that you can deliver on what they are desiring.

Imagine how you will feel, knowing that everyday is completely planned out, bullpens are highly productive, your pitchers are getting better and YOU are the reason for it.

Imagine how you will feel knowing that you are not like the typical lazy, ego driven coach that has grown to become the status quo of this game...but that you are now the rebel, the uncommon, that your players are desperately searching for.

-Andy Powers
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